Tea Time – exploring Japanese Tea


Whether they are Japanese teas, Western black teas, Chinese teas, or any one of the myriad different varieties cultivated across the world, countless Japanese people enjoy drinking tea, every single day.

We sat down with Mr. Hagiwara from “La villa LUPICIA Niseko”.

As Japan’s first specialty tea store, LUPICIA has been introducing 400 different flavours annually, offering an expansive range that encompasses Japanese, Western, Chinese, herbal, and original blend teas at more than 140 locations all over Japan.         

Fascination with tea

Throughout history, tea has been regarded as one of the world’s most sought after luxury commodities. Much like spices, silk, and intricate jewellery crafted from precious stones and metals, tea first travelled from China to the Middle East, then to Europe, Africa, and finally the Americas.

Ever since the Zen Buddhist priest Eisai brought tea seeds from Song of ancient China in the early Kamakura period, the Japanese tea culture–demonstrated by the traditional tea ceremony, Sado–has been established and incorporated into daily life.

LUPICIA presents a wide variety of teas from all over the world, and the aromatic leaves allow us to evoke enthralling tales of their roots and backgrounds–not only for the Japanese teas, but also for the Indian, Chinese, Taiwanese, African, and even Malaysian and Indonesian types–of which many are still relatively unknown, even to tea lovers.

Just like wine, the plantation areas and growing region has a significant effect on each kind of tea and their flavours.

LUPICIA tea labels provide information about their origin, as well as the Darjeeling batch number and farmers of some of the Japanese teas. Our dedicated buyers travel worldwide to negotiate with each producer, allowing us to offer our lineup of the highest quality teas.

Our vast selection of flavours suit the eclectic modern palate, from such teas as the world’s most well-known the bergamot flavoured “Earl Grey”; to the Taiwanese speciality blend, “Momo Oolong Tea”, which combines the traditionally cured tea-leaves with the refined Japanese white peach. There are many surprising and wonderful varieties to excite the soul and broaden your tea horizons.

Fruit and herbal iced-teas are perfect for the summer, and caffeine-free teas can be enjoyed anytime, day or night.

Some of the most requested teas at La villa LUPICIA are Hokkaido-exclusive original blends such as “Yawoo”, with its unique fresh milk and yogurt inspired aromas; and “Korpokkur”, a flavourful tea made with popular Hokkaido Haskap berries and fragrant lavender. These unique flavours make a great gift or souvenir.




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