BBQ in Niseko


With a cold winter lasting 6 or so months, Hokkaido summer ends in the blink of an eye. People get into a BBQ state of mind as early as May, which generally coincides with the golden week holiday period and the cherry blossom viewing season in this northernmost prefecture of Japan.

Just a few short hours’ drive from the cities, Niseko has stunning locations to feast your eyes on, with vast green fields that are perfect for the little ones and furry friends.

In addition to the regional culinary dish Genghis Kahn, the top dairy producing prefecture is also beefing up its own meat brands in recent years; Shiraoi Beef, Makkari Herb Pork, Rusutsu Kogen Pork are some of the famous brands from nearby farms.

When it comes to in-season local produce available in this area, you will be spoiled for choice. Go explore Niseko View Plaza or Marche Yukidaruma (located in Homac, hardware store) for straight-from-the-farm vegetables, such as corn, asparagus, zucchini, pumpkin, eggplant, green peppers, cabbage, mushrooms, onions, carrot, not to mention our favourite Kutchan potatoes.

What’s even more awesome about Niseko is the bountiful supply of seafood from local waters: salmon, shrimp, hairy crabs, scallops, squid, sea urchin, octopus, oyster, and a lot more than you guess.

Starchy foods are probably the most distinguishing feature of Japanese-style BBQ.
Traditionally, cooking quick and easy yakisoba or simple plain rice using a black metal bucket
called Hango were predominant; but the modern Japanese are becoming more creative
with western-inspired BBQ recipe like bagna càuda served with pan-fried pizza or grilled
camembert baguette sandwich to add a little twist and make the most of summer outings.


The Niseko area is a BBQ lovers dream with so many picturesque spots to heat up some charcoal; these include an easy-to-organise back yard BBQ, where you only have to walk a few steps from your front door and can easily reatreat back to the house to sort out food prep or pull a cold beverage from the refrigerater, you can also explore further afield to one of the many parks and designated BBQ areas in the region: many parks offer BBQ facilities and a large space to throw a ball around or let pets frollic, locations near the Shiribetsu River are great if you also fancy a dip on a hot day, and you can even organise a day-trip to the beach – the coastal roads offer dozens of rest stops and camping areas – some of which are completely free!

The basic equipment required to have your own BBQ can be purchased at a local hardware store or supermarket for only a couple thousand yen. Alternatively you can book with the following companies to organise rental and set menu delivery to the location of your choice!


Yotei Mori no Barbecue set menu is a convenient BBQ equipment delivery service which also provides food to help you discover your new favourite thing, including Genghis Khan, sausages, pork, beef, chicken and more.

Book by 4pm, 1 day prior to your desired request date.


Niseko Grand Hirafu BBQ Garden

Don’t worry about organising a venue – this location provides sheltered tables for a maximum
of 84 people set up under a huge tent next to Hotel Niseko Alpen. Platters of meats/vegetables and a drink menu are available for lunch and dinner.

Book by 4pm, 1 day prior to your desired request date.


Japan BBQ College

Let professionals help you enjoy the ultimate grilling experience! The Sapporo-based company
provides a set of rental equipment such as charcoal grill, tarp, table/chairs, and much more. Book via

Book by 5pm, 3 days prior to your desired request date.

While you’re in Niseko, don’t forget to keep your eyes out for the unique opportunity to experience a Hangi – a traditional New Zealand cooking method organised by Niseko locals!



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