Japanese Supermarket Safari: 10 Top Tips


If you’ve ever walked into the mysterious world of a Japanese Supermarket then the feeling of pure befuddlement while staring at a wall of soy sauces might be familiar to you. Whether you’re perusing the produce section marvelling at the mighty Daikons, Investigating the Bento area in search of a discounted lunch, or furrowing your brow at some fermented natto, there’s a good chance you’ve had more than a few questions running through your mind.

We recruited SkiJapan.com Guest Service staff member and Japanese local Naomi, to help shed light on some of the mysteries contained within Japanese Supermarkets. By the end of the video, you’ll have some great tips on how to stock up on supplies like a pro!

So how’s your confidence level after watching our Supermarket Safari Tips? We know: there are still a million questions to answer, but let us know if you have some burning questions and we’ll try to answer them in our next video!



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