Cocktails in Niseko – The Best Drinks in Town


One of the best things about Niseko is its nightlife with dozens of bars right at the foot of the resort. With so many bars competing for patronage, there are some stellar cocktails on offer from almost every bar. We did our due diligence to research and report on some of the best cocktails in Hirafu.

Toshiro’s bar has over 400 different whiskeys on offer, and Toshiro’s lounge located at Prince Hotel Hirafutei has over 60 different gins from around the world. The Smoked Penicillin is just as impressive to watch being prepared as the flavour.

BigFoot Bunker has delicious burgers, vegan burgers and creative cocktails on offer. The cosy bar feels like an alpine lodge with an eclectic mix of deer and art all over the walls. Their Mr Sparkle cocktail was a smooth mix of Japanese flavours and classic apres spirits.

Brick Bar is a hidden gem in Niseko’s lower village with Nintendo 64’s, darts and great cocktails. One of their best cocktails is the Sweet Tanuki, which is a take on a prohibition era drink called the Bee’s Knees. It’s sweet but smooth, with a hint of chilli to keep the taste feeling fresh with each sip.

Tamashii’s is one of the most recognisable bars in Hirafu, located right on the main road, opposite Seicomart and the food trucks. As well as great cocktails, they are now offering fresh Hokkaido seafood alongside classic Izakaya favourites. We sampled their Yuzu Cocktail – a simple but elegant mix of sour and sweet flavours.

Yoko-Oh-No’s is a local favourite with darts, Cajun food and a huge range of cocktails and drinks on offer. Located on the main road right next to NAC, this bar is definitely a crowd pleaser with something for everyone. Their special Shibuya Shakedown cocktail pays homage to the drinking culture of Shibuya, where on any given evening one can see inebriated businessmen enjoying their nights out with their coworkers.

With great night skiing, bars, events and nightlife in Niseko resort, it’s easily one of the best and most lively ski resorts in Japan. If you want to try Niseko for yourself, make sure to contact before you travel to the world’s best ski destination.



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