Step back in time with Somoza


Time seemed to stand still as we enjoyed matcha and sweets at Somoza; a 150-year-old Japanese Kominka restyled as a gallery, café/restaurant and event space overlooking a beautiful natural valley and waterfall.

Created by Shouya Grigg, a long-time resident and local artist who wishes to share some of Hokkaido’s unique history and culture with visitors to the Niseko region.

The gallery showcases an impressive collection of local artefacts, art and sculpture from Hokkaido dating back to the Jomon period. Also on display is artwork by Shouya himself and local Hokkaido artists such as Shu Ogawara.

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ニセコヒラフから少し離れ、HANAZONO リゾートから車で数分のところに位置するSOMOZAで茶会があり、立ち寄らせていただきました。





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