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-7°/-1 °C
Top Station / Hirafu Station
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Top Station
-7°/-5min/max °C
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Snow 24H
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Hirafu Village
-1°/4°min/max °C
Wind Speed
5.00 KM/H
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Snow 24H
0 cm
Snow To Date
1087 cm
Forecast issued on 8pm Wed 13, Nov 2019 by | Niseko Hirafu Resort


Monday 01 April 2019

24hr Period - No New - Minus 7c at Top with neg 1c in Village - Mostly Cloudy

By Rod at 8am JST

Well..April 1st Folks and after connection issues yesterday, we're back online with our final wrap up report for this season where present conditions throughout our Shiribeshi region is for mostly cloudy skies today, temps of neg 7c at top getting up to +5c in village by 1pm. The week ahead has perhaps some drizzle rain for tomorrow followed by sunny skies mid week prior to a mixed bag of weather for next weekend. April and Spring rolls on...

A little less than 5 weeks now till lifts close up for this season marked for May 6th..Weather and snow pack depending. Hanazono and Niseko Village will end their lift operations for this season at the end of turns this coming Sunday April 7th. Annupuri and Hirafu will cut back to just a few lifts in both areas from April 8th to last lifts May 6th - weather and snow pack depending.

The fiinal avalanche report for this winter was posted yesterday ( red button below ) and we thank the team from The Moiwa Avalanche Institute for their information, wise words and reports throughout this season.

So there we have it Powderhounds, and while we may see a few crystals fall during April, would imagine at this stage, 99% of our accumulation for this season has been seen. Our numbers are in, and since around November 20 2018 to March 30 2019 we've seen 1310cm accumulation at top and 1087cm of accumulation at base / Hirafu Village level.

That is still a mass of accumulation ...33-40 feet of snow in a little over 4months is more than many of the top ranking resorts on the planet receive, yet for Niseko this total is actually less than average and notably less than our previous season of 17-18 where we saw 17.6 meters fall at top and 15.2 meters of accumulation in Hirafu Village. Thats around 400cm / 12 feet less snow this season than last season at both top and village.

Pretty significant and it was more than obvious this year from mid Feb onwards where the crystal switch fused out and the taps turned off on Feb 16. The total received from that date till yesterday came in at less than 100cm - Unheard of in therse parts for that particular 6 week period. Local Japanese that have been living here in the Village for 30-40 years have commented they have not seen such little snow in that period before....Amazing...The upside for next winter .. Those averages hopefully kick in for Feb March 2020. 

You have all been a champion audience for the reports again this winter and I appreciate all the kind comments and emails sent. We bid you farewell. Enjoy your year, where-ever that may be and we look forward to seeing you all back on deck and online ready to roll around November 20th this year. Go easy...

I leave you with our snow station shot of the season 33cm new ! ...taken late December 2018 - That was a fine day of Powder and some classic words from Edmund Hillary that im sure we snow lovers can all relate to ..."Despite all I have seen and experienced, I still get the same simple thrill out of glimpsing a tiny patch of snow "  

Have a Great day of Turns – Keep a Cool Head - Ski Wise and Stay Focused....Always keep out of roped and closed areas and adhere to the Niseko Rules. Don't break boundaries or go into strictly forbidden terrain. This information will help keep you safer up there - Red button below along with our quick links to lifts status and The Niseko Rules.

Equip yourself adequately with the tools and safety gear if heading out the gates or touring plans. Strong caution advised whenever stepping outside legal gate access or skinning / touring back country. Be smart - Living is good

By: Rod at 09:03

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